02 September 2008

What trump's paddling?

I did not get any paddling in this weekend. Though I do have some pictures on my hard drive from the past week or so that I still need to post sometime. But what trumped paddling this weekend, you ask? The Minnesota Irish Fair in Saint Paul, Minnesota! Great music, great times, great fun! Some examples of bands performing music: Flogging Molly, Wild Colonial Bhoys, Scythian, and The Elders. Also, I ran the 5k there on Saturday and posted my second sub 22 minute time this summer.

Scythian playing Devil Went Down To Georgia on Friday evening.

Scythian playing Cubicles and Tylenol on Friday evening.

Flogging Molly playing Rebels of the Sacred Heart on Friday night.

Flogging Molly playing Devil's Dance Floor on Friday night.

Wild Colonial Bhoys @ the Crossroads Stage on Friday night.

Crowd getting down to Wild Colonial Bhoys @ Crossroads Stage Friday night.

Ring of Kerry playing Rocky Road To Dublin.

Wild Colonial Bhoys @ Main Stage Saturday evening

The Elders and dizziness.

A friend of mine crowd surfing during Flogging Molly Saturday night. The security people failed to catch him, but he is fine.

How to lighten a crowd @ a Flogging Molly concert.

Flogging Molly on Saturday night. (Requiem for a dying soul)

McKinnis' Kitchen playing Lukey @ the Gateway Stage on Sunday.

The Fuschia Band and a song about playing a trick on a piper.

The Elders playing Sunday evening.

Water Drum!

The Elders playing Racing the Tide.

The Elders and the lovely Finnegan's Girls.

Scattering Set

After the festivities on Sunday, my friends and I went up to The Liffey (two of us were staying at the Holiday Inn in the same building) for supper and we enjoyed some bands playing until midnight. I even managed to ride in the elevator with the Elders.

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