02 September 2008

Another "What trumps paddling post..."

I spent from August 28 through September 1 in Omaha and KC. I saw my favorite band, Gaelic Storm, three nights in a row and attended the KC Irish Fest through the Labor Day Weekend. It was a blast! The best bands were by far GS, The Elders, and Scythian. I also really enjoyed the Wild Clover Band, The Barra MacNeils, and Pogey. What the heck it was all great. I may have built Enter The Haggis up too much in my head, but I still enjoyed their show. Some video clips from the weekend:

Bad Haggis

The Barra MacNeils

Damien Dempsey performing Rocky Road To Dublin

The Elders

The Elders with a dancer.

The Elders with Enter The Haggis

The Elders with pipers.

Enter The Haggis

Gaelic Storm

Gaelic Storm - The Night I Punched Russell Crowe

Gaelic Storm with dancers

Gaelic Storm's Ryan Lacey

Gaelic Storm - Lover's Wreck

Gaelic Storm - Mechanical Bull

GS - What's The Rumpus

GS - Slim Jim and the Seven Eleven Girl

Pogey - Excursion Around The Bay

Pogey - Walk With Me

Pogey - What I want


Wild Clover Band... I found a Moore Street Girl!

And she had a friend...

Slideshow of some pictures:

What trump's paddling?

I did not get any paddling in this weekend. Though I do have some pictures on my hard drive from the past week or so that I still need to post sometime. But what trumped paddling this weekend, you ask? The Minnesota Irish Fair in Saint Paul, Minnesota! Great music, great times, great fun! Some examples of bands performing music: Flogging Molly, Wild Colonial Bhoys, Scythian, and The Elders. Also, I ran the 5k there on Saturday and posted my second sub 22 minute time this summer.

Scythian playing Devil Went Down To Georgia on Friday evening.

Scythian playing Cubicles and Tylenol on Friday evening.

Flogging Molly playing Rebels of the Sacred Heart on Friday night.

Flogging Molly playing Devil's Dance Floor on Friday night.

Wild Colonial Bhoys @ the Crossroads Stage on Friday night.

Crowd getting down to Wild Colonial Bhoys @ Crossroads Stage Friday night.

Ring of Kerry playing Rocky Road To Dublin.

Wild Colonial Bhoys @ Main Stage Saturday evening

The Elders and dizziness.

A friend of mine crowd surfing during Flogging Molly Saturday night. The security people failed to catch him, but he is fine.

How to lighten a crowd @ a Flogging Molly concert.

Flogging Molly on Saturday night. (Requiem for a dying soul)

McKinnis' Kitchen playing Lukey @ the Gateway Stage on Sunday.

The Fuschia Band and a song about playing a trick on a piper.

The Elders playing Sunday evening.

Water Drum!

The Elders playing Racing the Tide.

The Elders and the lovely Finnegan's Girls.

Scattering Set

After the festivities on Sunday, my friends and I went up to The Liffey (two of us were staying at the Holiday Inn in the same building) for supper and we enjoyed some bands playing until midnight. I even managed to ride in the elevator with the Elders.

Picture Slide Show:

17 April 2008


I have just setup a new blog for my future paddling posts at my domain: http://www.piratesofthemissouri.com

This blog will be dedicated to all other posts... which tends to be concerts any more ;)

13 April 2008

La Framboise Island Circumnavigation

As expected I went kayaking this afternoon. Today I circumnavigated La Framboise Island. The total cruise length was 6.0 miles.
As you can tell from my map I ventured through the inlet to get in between the island proper and the sandbar.
North end of "Inlet"

A duck taking flight.
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Bad River Expedition

Despite winds gusting in excess of 20mph (I think the gusts were close to 30, but I am not sure), I went out kayaking yesterday. I put in at the mouth of the Bad River and paddled upstream to minimize the affect of the wind on me.
The distance totaled 5.4 miles and, as you can see from the map, nearly reached the first Ft Pierre swimming hole (sewage lagoon). The point I chose to turn around at is the lone rapid on the Bad River. Not really much of a rapid but oh well.
I could not get any closer to the rapid because the water was too shallow. Had I portaged around this point, I don't think I would have found much more water further upstream either. By July, I probably won't even be able to make it this far.

Well, I better be getting ready for church; I will be going paddling later today though I am not sure where at yet.

06 April 2008

Pierre Kayak Club Debut

The debut paddle for the Pierre Kayak Club went well. Or at least it was the first paddle I participated in. Since I am the third member, I am not sure if it can be considered a club before me ;)

I ended up paddling about 7.5 miles yesterday and it felt great!
I got some good shots of the pelicans.
And Scruff is starting to work on his kayak barnstormer routine.
Thanks to J_T_Adler, the founder of the Pierre Kayak Club, we have proof of three kayaks being out on Saturday!

04 April 2008

Second Paddle of 2008... with pics!

I went out kayaking for the second time in 2008 this evening and I even have pictures this time!
The red path is my paddle from yesterday (2.6 miles) and the yellow is from this evening (3.5 miles).

Scruffy looking around for a ship to board ;)

Scruff taking a brief nap while enjoying the sun.

Taking a break on shore.

A shot of my kayak with it's spiffy new splash deck alongside my dog and first mate, Scruffy.

03 April 2008

First Paddle of 2008.

Went out paddling today. I didn't take my camera, but I did try out my new splash deck and it worked well.

18 March 2008

Saint Patrick's Day 2008

Well, I spent St Patrick's Day in Minneapolis and it was a great time. I don't have many (any?) readers and most of you were invited along but everyone except one could not attend. So I'll try to show what you missed. Simply put, a friend and I spent the day between Kieran's, O'Donovan's, and the Guthrie Theater.

I don't recall the names of all the groups we saw, but a quick highlight of my favorites: McInnis' Kitchen, Alicia Corbett, The Wild Colonial Bhoys. The Brian Boru Pipe Band made an appearance at many locations across the city and we caught them at O'Donovan's. The top reason for choosing Minneapolis was that Gaelic Storm was playing at the Guthrie Theater that night. I have to say, the Guthrie is the single coolest theater I have ever been in. No such thing as a bad seat there!

Next up, a slide show of pictures I took yesterday.

And finally, as I am known for taking videos at concerts... or my camera is known for being decent at video clips, some videos I uploaded to youtube.